Time Began in a Garden

Grow what you love, and the love will keep it growing.

The Elements of Landscape Harmony

Since I was very young I’ve always been drawn to nature. Over the years I found myself diving into every curiosity I had about the natural world. All of my fondest memories were spent outdoors. 

I came to appreciate my ability to tame a landscape while keeping it balanced and harmonious by using the 4 basic elements.  

Any great gardener will tell you a truly harmonious garden contains 4 Elements that not only soothe the eye, but the soul as well. Water, Earth, Wind, & Fire are the pillars of a garden space that is meant to be used by both man and nature. 

I incorporate each element into all of my designs.


Water draws life. it is the center from which all life bellows and bounds. Even in small spaces water can be a hub of life and movement. Since the dawn of time we have been gathering at its edges. Water is as much part of the human experience as it is a necessity to the body.


When you hear the wind rustling through the leaves a robust poplar tree you are calmed. When you hear subtle sounds and feel gentle dance of tall grass blowing in the wind, you are soothed. When you experience the whispering of the needles high up in a red pine.You are at Peace. Wind is a natural part of the garden experience.


The foundation of Life begins with Earth. From a little seedling to a beautifully matured oak; earth pushes forth all that is green.


Fire has always been a gathering place. Encoded deep in out being, fire represents safety and protection, family and friends. Fire can be translated in the landscape through many mediums such as Lighting, Fireplaces, BBQ's, and Torches.

Landscaping Services

Ponds & Water Features

All life stems from water. Water adds a calming and peaceful feeling to a space - it draws life towards it. Highlight your garden with the peaceful sounds of a pond, waterfall, stream or other water feature.

Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens

Since the dawn of time, fire has been a central part of the human experience. Creating a hub for families, and a sense of safety around which we can gather. Whether it's staying warm during winter months or cooking a communal dinner for family & friends- without fire, there would be no life.

Custom Gardens

A garden is what you make it, from the sounds that come from it to the smell of a flower bed - I will create a garden that is specific to your needs.

Garden Maintenance

Is your garden/landscape getting out of hand? Here at Carving Eden, we offer auxiliary garden maintenance services that will keep your garden looking fresh & lively!

A Passion for Landscape Harmony

A garden is one of the oldest constructs of civilization. Throughout history a garden has represented peace and harmony. For me landscape harmony is a deep passion. 

I believe everyone is born with a gift, for me there is no greater peace than mastering the harmony of a landscape. Bending and wielding it to my design. Shaping it for the purpose of balance and beauty. And seeing the joy it brings to good people. People who understand that this place I created for them is a little piece of paradise, designed just for them.  

Hi, my name is James. I am not a landscape designer – I am a landscape harmonist. 

James L.

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