Time Began...

... in a garden.

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The Elements of Landscape Harmony

At Carving Eden it’s our philosophy that the wild spaces we live in should harness all four elements. 



Water draws toward it all life. It is the center from which all existence bellows and bounds. Even in small spaces water can be a hub of life and movement. Since the dawn of time we have been gathering at its edges. Water is as much part of the human experience as it is a necessity to the body.



When you hear the wind rustling through the leaves a robust poplar tree; you are calmed. When you hear subtle sounds and feel the gentle dance of tall grass blowing in the wind; you are soothed. When you experience the whispering of the needles high up in a red pine; you are at Peace. Let us translate the wind though various mediums in your garden.



We harnessed fire to tame nature. Of all the wild elements it is the one we control and guard most closely. Encoded deep in our being, fire represents safety and protection, family and friends. Fire can be translated in the landscape through many mediums such as Lighting, Fireplaces, BBQ's, and Torches.



The root of life burrows deep in the Earth. Earth is represented in your garden space via plants and softscapes. From a little seedling to a beautifully matured oak; earth pushes forth all that is green.

Of all the paths you take in life....

... make sure a few of them are dirt.

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A Passion for Landscape Harmony

A garden is one of the oldest constructs of civilization. Throughout history a garden has represented peace and harmony. At Carving Eden we are passionate about the artistic work we do. 

Your landscaping design company should regard your canvas with a sense of deep meaningful art. And that’s what we do.


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A garden is one of the oldest constructs of civilization. Throughout history a garden has represented peace and harmony. For me landscape harmony is a deep passion. Book your new garden today!


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