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Grow what you love, and the love will keep it growing.

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You could say I’m a serial entrepreneur. I love business. I love the freedom that comes with being your own boss. But it can be really scary too. 

Carving Eden is the first business I ever started. I was landscaping long before I had a website, and long before I was getting paid to do it. For the sheer love of it I would work for free. 

After years of people telling me that this was my true calling I finally gave it a go. I built a website and started marketing myself (I have a long history and career in digital marketing). That first summer was amazing but I didn’t manage cash flow very well and in the fall things were looking grim, so I went back to what I knew – Marketing. 

Carving Eden Ottawa Landscaping Design
A couple years later and a couple successful business ventures later, I found myself once again doing water features and landscape plans for friends and family. 
With much more business experience I was able to take on only projects that interested me. I had established enough security that I could be selective. So I decided I would make another go at Landscape Harmony – but this time I was going to be very selective. 
Then I started working with other passionate professionals who loved landscaping. And sure enough I was able to do what I love but also employ enough resources to offer full scale landscaping services. 
Today I work mostly in the office and take on only portfolio projects that give me the freedom to be as creative as I like. I manage to be on site for 4-6 big projects each season (often spending my holiday time from my other businesses) and I couldn’t be happier. 
My love and passion for landscape creations will always be at the core of my being and I hope I get to grow old and grey(er) in the garden. 
Lets work together. 

Neighborhoods We Service!

  • Vanier
  • Vanier North
  • Cummings
  • New Edinburgh
  • Sandy Hill
  • Byward Market
  • The Glebe
  • Lindenlea
  • Carson Grove
  • Old Ottawa South
  • Downtown Ottawa
  • Centretown
  • Hintonburg
  • Centeretown West
  • Rockliffe
  • Elmvale Acres
  • Overbrook
  • Lowertown
  • Forbes
  • Faircrest

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A garden is one of the oldest constructs of civilization. Throughout history a garden has represented peace and harmony. For me landscape harmony is a deep passion. Book your new garden today!



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