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Your swimming pond project is a special job to me. It requires my undivided attention and devotion. 

For this reason I only take on three portfolio swimming pond projects in any given season. 

The swimming pond is a feature that will exist in your space for decades. Each year becoming more naturally balanced than the last.

There is a lot of responsibility assigned to the ownership of a swimming pond. It will support a wide range of animals from birds, mammals, amphibians and fish. They will come to rely on this space as much as you will. 

Submit your request today for a swimming pond this season.   

Benefits of a Swimming Pond

No More Maintenance

Traditional Swimming Pools are wonderful for those hot summer months in Ottawa, however a traditional style pool can also bring a lot of maintenance along with it. From cleaning the water filters to adding expensive chemicals to balance chlorine levels – swimming pools can come with a high cost plenty of maintenance. Although, Swimming ponds aren’t entirely maintenance free, they’re easier to maintain and are often better for the environment than a traditional swimming pool. Swimming Ponds are natural ponds that are filtered by aquatic plants and healthy bacteria which will maintain safe water levels for you & your family to enjoy.

Environmentally Friendly

The chemicals found in traditional swimming pools are not only harsh on the skin, but harsh on the environment as well – being toxic to wildlife. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on swimming pool maintenance that is only harming the natural environment around you, consider installing a natural swimming pond that not only benefits your garden but also is beneficial to the ecosystem as well. Don’t fret over unruly pest taking over your swimming pond, natural predators like frogs, dragonflies, fish and toads will keep your swimming pond pest free for your enjoyment. If swimming with frogs or other aquatic life sounds like a horrible idea to you, maybe it’s best for you to go with a traditional pool, for info on pool installation, contact our friends at My Next Home Reno.

Enjoy Your Swimming Pond All Year Long!

There’s only a few good summer months that are suitibale for outside activites like swimming here in Ottawa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor space during those cruel winters. Turn your swimming pond into a ice rink when the temperature get’s below 0, and as your family and friends are skating along your swimming pond, keep them warm with a fire pit.

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