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Sometimes we need to draw the line. And when it comes to garden spaces the best way to do that is with a garden berm or flower bed. Berms can accomplish a lot in a garden, from traffic flow management and sound barriers to visual backdrops and water irrigation. 

To me the berm is like a statue made of life. It stands tall in the garden emanating beauty from all angles. It is the best expression of purpose and form come together. 

Careful Gardening

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Choosing the right plants for your garden is key to having a garden that is sustainable, for your home and to your wallet as well. Annuals or exotic plants do not comeback and are often expensive to buy and maintain. Some annuals even require certain weather conditions in order to thrive here in Ontario, Canada. To Learn more about controlled growing shelters, click here.

At Carving Eden, I like to utilize perennials and plants that are native to Ontario, Canada. I believe these plants are not only sustainable to the environment we live in, but are also low in maintenance as well.

Winter Ready Gardens

I meticulously choose plants & flowers that can handle our harsh winters here in Ottawa, Ontario. Plants that are able to handle our cold winters and hot summers gives my team the ability to carve your landscape into the perfect oasis.

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Gardening shouldn’t feel like a chore, and if it does then maybe you should give us a call. With our meticulous landscape planning and our choices of low maintenance plants & flowers, your garden will never be a task. Don’t worry, if gardening isn’t your thing at all, we offer Garden Maintenance services that will keep your garden looking fresh- take a look here!

8 Perfect Perennials For Your Garden!

1. Peonies

There are many different kinds of peonies. They typically flower between May and June here in Ontario. Though they are a short lived flower, what they lack in longevity they make up for in grandeur. They make a wonderful cut flower as well as some colour to your early season berm.  

2. African Daylily

African Daylilies are bold and showing, sun loving lilies that are extremely hardy. They flower mid to late summer adding lots of low maintenance interest to your berm. They are wildly drought tolerant and can thrive in chalky, loamy and clay soils.  

3. Cone Flowers

Cone flowers come in a wide range of colours and shapes. Also known as Echinacea they have been a long standing tradition in Ottawa berms and flower beds. They bloom from mid to late summer. They are both vibrant and voluptuous options for your Ottawa Berm.

4. Blazing Star

This plant is prized for its fluffy wands of bright violet flowers. I also love it’s shape, it has these needle like leaves that create so much texture and visual interest. Also known as Gayfeather it tends to flower from the top to the bottom over the course of a month in mid July to mid August.

5. Aster

Easily one of the best border plants for berms and beds, the Aster creates a lot of visual interest. These flowers are great as cut flowers as well, they will bloom from late July until late September.  This bold splash of colour has masses of lavender blue starry flowers that are mildew resistant.

6. Delphinium

From cobalt to lavender, who doesn’t love the Delphinium? Ranging from medium to tall heights sometime as much as 4 feet, these densely packed beauties show off sturdy flower spikes in a multitude of florets. They bloom from early summer to early fall and add a lot of architectural presence to a berm or bed, drawing your attention from long distances. 

7. Hydrangea

There are dozens of varieties of Hydrangea ranging from small colourful shrubs to tall white trees. There are so many options for this excellent regal addition to your berm or bed in Ottawa that many people opt for a couple varieties if they have the space. The bloom profusely from early summer to late fall. 

8. Sedum

There are many different kinds of Sedum that will work in your perm or bed. I’m partial to the Sedum because it has thick succulent leaves that add a lot of thriving appeal to the garden. They don’t produce much colour until the frost starts to hit but this fact is something I love about the Sedum. It is one of the last farewells of the season and couples nicely with annuals like Mums.

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